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Thursday, June 13, 2024 

Exploding Computer

I had originally intended on just throwing this old computer in the dumpster, but Bryan suggested we do something much more entertaining.

Here is the back of the computer. For some reason, there appears to be a fuse sticking out of it.
And inside the computer, it looks like there might be some explosives.
Here is Bryan lighting the fuse.
He got away quickly, and...
The case blew open, and the computer caught on fire.
I never knew computers burned so well.
Fire! Fire! Fire!
I think this black smoke is pretty healthy.
Not too much left here.
The plastic is pretty much all gone, just the metal is left.
There's still some stuff inside burning.
When it was done, I dipped the remains in the water to cool it down before throwing it in the dumpster.
Here's what's left.
And today, this is all that remains. That was cool.

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