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2002 Season:

Last day of boating in 2002: November 9th

Florida Keys Trip! (Jan-Feb '02) Hey, we went boating down there! (I never quite completed these pages, but they're still cool to look at.)

04/16/02: Me, Danielle, Jim, Paul, and Tom take a Sunset Cruise.
06/02/02: A journey to Delaware City, then some fun in Port Herman.
06/08/02: A whole gang of us playing around on the Bohemia River.
07/20/02: Buoy Meets Scott.

Update 08-12-02: Take a look at the new addition to the Crouse family here!

09/28/02: Buoy Meets TR.
10/25/02: Halloween Party at the Chesapeake Inn. (No captions, just pictures.)

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