The pictures in the left column were taken about an hour after the high point of the flood. The pictures in the right column were taken over the next few days when the tide was back to normal. This gives you a point of reference to see how high the water was.

I only did the before and after shots for a few pictures, just for comparison purposes.

This first set of pictures was taken from land. After I saw Harbour North, I drove into Chesapeake City to see things there.

Here's Second Street, in front of the Chesapeake Inn.

The park was full of water.

You can't even see the dock in the first picture.

The parking area and playground was flooded.

This is looking towards A Dock at the Inn.

Here you can see the walkways sticking up in the air because the floating docks were up so high. By the way, check out the cool boat on A Dock on the picture on the right.

Here's the exit of the parking lot at the Inn.

Here's the entrance.

Here's the Valet lot.

OK that's the end of my before and after pictures from land. Here you can see the parking lot in front of the Tiki Bar, and hint of how deep the water is at the Tiki Bar itself.

And here's the Tiki Bar!.

Here's a couple of shots of the docks from the stairs going up to the restaurant. I didn't want to get my shorts wet.

More shots of the docks, with the walkways up in the air.

Here's the deck. No one eating lunch out there today.

Here's two pictures of the Valet Lot.

More pictures of the parking lot. I found this sign floating by and thought it was very appropriate.

Here are some pictures taken from the street.

And some more from the street.

Here's the walkway to D Dock.

After seeing all this, I decided I had to get home and change into a bathing suit and flip flops, and come back on a boat. I have some more before and after pictures at the beginning.

Here's the band stage in Chesapeake City.

Here you can see how high the town floating dock was, and that the road was under water.

Here's a view of the Tiki Bar from the water.

Here's B Dock. It was nice to see boats return after the flood! That's the end of my before and after shots from the water.

Except for this before and after shot, which shows Andy appearing out of nowhere.

I tried to get a Pepsi, but after I put my money in I couldn't find where the soda came out.

On the left is a shot of the veranda from the water, and on the right you can see the boat we came up in.

Here's Bryan's action sequence. On the left he climbs onto the railing of the veranda. On the right you can see him in mid air.

And here he is in the water. It was about 15 feet deep right there, about 11 feet above a normal high tide..

Here are some shots of the deck from the veranda.

Another shot of the deck.

On the left was the first time we saw Gianmarco. He wasn't looking too happy. On the right is the back door to the gift shop, and also the food freezer is back there.

Here's a shot of the parking lot as I walked over towards the Tiki Bar.

There's the Tiki Bar. On the right, Bryan is waiting patiently for Carrie to show up with a cold Coors Light..

More shots of the Tiki Bar and the deck.

Hello? Here I am making an important phone call.

Here are a couple of pictures of the inside.

More inside shots.

Here's the door to the kitchen.


Here's the gift shop.

On the left you can see Gianmarco again, still standing with his arms crossed. On the right you can see most of the restaurant.

And here's a few more shots from the water as we were leaving.

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