After rescuing a small Boston Whaler that was floating around Harbour North Marina, Bryan picked a couple of us up in the rescued boat and took us for a cruise down the Canal to see what was happening there.

The pictures in the left column were taken about an hour after the high point of the flood. The pictures in the right column were taken over the next few days when the tide was back to normal. This gives you a point of reference to see how high the water was.

Ginny's boat was on the lift in front of their house. Fortunately it was tied to the lift, or it might have floated away.

Here's another example of a boat on a lift.

In the first picture you could barely tell that this house had a dock out front!

I got this one from a different angle the second time around, but I wanted to show the damage to the dock that wasn't there before the hurricane.

This example really shows off the flood. Hard to believe it was even the same dock!

You wouldn't even have known that this house has a ramp, a dock, a lift, and bulkhead.

Here's one of the lights in the canal.

Another channel marker example.

This one's green.

Locals know that this is the first time this boat has seen water in probably 30+ years!

Here's John and Lori Lake's dock. The boat in the slip was the same height as the one on the lift!

It's hard to tell from the first photo, but the Lakes' houseboat is actually kept in their lake. This was probably the only time they could have taken the boat out of the lake without having to trailer it over land!

By the way, how cool is it to have a lake when your last name is Lake?

Here's the Delaware Responder. You can see the water level difference at the bulkhead.

Here you can see that there's water where the grass is supposed to be.

This shot was blurry (slow down Bryan!), but I was trying to show that the water level was almost out of the canal and into the road.

In the first picture you can barely even see the docks.

Here's the gas dock house on the fuel dock.

Here are the fuel pumps.

This is where the band normally plays.

Here's the main restaurant.

More pictures of Schaefer's docks.

The pilot boats survived!

Check out the difference at the bulkhead.

The pilot boats again...

More examples of Schaefer's docks.

This is the south side of the canal, looking toward the Corps of Engineers.

A dramatic view of the garage at the Corps.

Here's the view of the Corps from the Veranda at the Chesapeake Inn.

Well there were some boats in the way when I took this "after" shot, but you get the idea...

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