Bohemia Bay got quite a bit of flooding. We drove the Hummer down there and waded around the parking lot taking pictures.

Here's the parking lot near the service department.
This is a view from the parking lot of some of the boats in their slips.
Here's the view down the fairway.
No parking here. Are they talking about cars or boats?
Here's my Dad's old boat sitting very high.
The service department stuff was floating around. >
Here's the service department from the other side of the parking lot.
The bathrooms had some water in the them. Also look at the dock boxes floating by.
Plenty of water for this sailboat!
There's Dad's boat. Usually the shed is much taller than the boat.
There's Dad!
How the heck did he get up there?
Here I'm standing on the pier next to Dad's boat. The water's up to my waist!
That boat on the lift looks like it floated a little too high.
Here's the edge of the parking lot.
This is overlooking the fuel dock.
Check out these trees over on the peninsula. What peninsula?
Didn't I say earlier that it was a calm day? I guess I lied.
This is a no wake zone.
Here's the view of the fuel dock. Normally the lighthouse at the end of the dock is up on a jetty, and reads BBYH, not just BBY as in this picture.
Notice the piece of dock floating away.
I guess I won't be getting gas here today.
No bikes, skateboards, or roller blades. No problem.
Amazing how you can see just the tips of the pilings.
Apparently the water did actually make it into the store, I was just too late.
This is next to the store. It looks like the boats on moorings fared well.
I think the playground is closed today.
The water is over all of the finger piers, and also, the boat on the right is hitting the roof!

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